Welcome to Bosbury Herefords

Our growing herd of pedigree Hereford cattle is managed to the highest standards of welfare to provide the best quality meat.


Top class pedigree

Based on our family farm at Bosbury near Ledbury in Herefordshire, the Bosbury herd continues a long tradition and heritage, but now produces the high quality cattle ideal for today’s breeding and meat industry.

The Bosbury herd was founded in May 2018 and is made up exclusively of Polled Pedigree Herefords. It was established by Sarah Hawkins who bought 25 cows and calves and 10 bulling heifers from the Bosa herd belonging to Gerald Blandford, which had started in 1980.  The foundations of the Bosa herd came from Sarah’s grandfather, Bruce Blandford.  Today, the herd stands at 40 cows plus followers.

About us

An exciting future

Now this growing herd of pedigree polled Hereford cattle has settled into a life of grazing on the lush grass of the river meadows and permanent pasture beside the River Leadon at The Farm and within the shade of the old traditional apple orchards.

The herd is managed to the highest standards of welfare and belongs to the BioBest health scheme with BVD & Lepto Accredited, Johnes – Level 1. The herd is also fully assured within the Red Tractor scheme with full traceability and we work closely with the local Veterinary Practice.

Our heifers calve at two years old. All spring calving takes place in a nine week block from mid February.  By maintaining a 365-day calving interval or less, our aim is to calve unassisted and to produce cows giving plenty of milk.

The Bosbury Herefords graze on herbal leys, grass leys, river meadows, traditional orchards, and wildflower meadows. During winter, all of our cattle are housed and fed on hay and haylage then silage two weeks before calving. Our bulls are fed quality silage and a homegrown mix of wheat, barley and beans.

Our Herd

Bosbury cow families

At Bosbury Herefords, we produce feminine, docile, milky cows with high fertility, all calving in Spring time.  We also believe in breeding Herefords free of waste, with dense muscling and well-developed hind quarters which produces exceptional taste.

Extended cow families include:

Rosa, Laurel, Margaret, Elke, Brownie, Priscilla.

975 Elke breed Bosbury 1 Vanderpool, 985 bred Bosbury Val Disere,  Bosa John Hawkins.

Bosbury is a closed herd, females are currently home bred and used as replacements.

Typically, our females exhibit good length, muscling and overall good confirmation They are milky cows with good udders, good feet and are feminine females.

Our Herd

Bosbury sires

Our wonderful bulls are fit, sound, fertile and quiet with plenty of muscle and growth; ideal for breeding and the commercial meat market.

We are currently using two superb sires both carefully selected for correctness.

Grifford 1 Try was purchased from NJ Griffiths and the Shrewsbury Hereford sale in April 2021.

DOB 15/02/20.  Sire: Fabb 1 Northern Star  Dam: Coley 1 Clara 315.   As well as correctness, he was selected for his completely different breed lines.

Porton House 1 Tristar was purchased from Paul and Vicky Moyle.  DOB 16/04/20.  Sire:  Dendor 1 Nairobi   Dam: Dendor 1 Wattle 4th.Nairobi won junior male champion at the National poll show in 2016 and was out of a female of the year champion cow.

From spring 2024, we will be using a new bull  on our Bosbury heifers. Pulham 1 Albus was purchased from PRJ & LR Vincent.  DOB: 10/09/22. Sire: Solpoll 1 Sympa and Dam: Pulham 1 Lucy.

In the past, the Bosbury herd has used the sires:  Bromley Vunipola, Barwise Nabucco, Roughmoor Nelson and  AI (Daffy, Netherhall Jack, Leonon),   Barwise Nabucco purchased from Caroline Fletcher of Barwise Herd in Cumbria.

We are currently selling females and breeding bulls. Anyone interested in buying one of our superb Herefords should contact the farm direct.